Social Security

Many Americans residing abroad – or contemplating moving abroad – are unaware as to what effect living outside the United States will have on their present or future Social Security benefits. The information in this section is designed to offer a basic introduction to the topic, identifying source(s) of further information. An individual's Social Security benefits are influenced by a number of factors; it is always wisest to get specific, personalized attention to one's own particular case. This can often be accomplished online.


Social Secuity Position Papers - These documents outline our position and recommendations on Social Secuity

Social Security and the Overseas American: presents arguments for changing various aspects of the Social Security laws or regulations so that they are more equitable for Americans residing abroad.

Current Regulations/General Information

Social Security FAQ: summarizes some specific factual situations arising while living abroad, and how they impact on an individual's right to Social Security benefits.

General Information about Social Security: outlines the basic requirements for qualifying for Social Security pension, and ways in which it can be affected by living abroad.

Social Security payments after renunciation of US citizenship

Taxation of Social Security Benefits


Social Security on Swiss Radio

Last Updated November 18, 2012