Share your banking or tax story

You are an American citizen who has had problems with banking in the USA or abroad, or problems filing and paying your US taxes from abroad.

ACA and other action groups are gathering personal experience statements about these problems which will be submitted to key Members of Congress and top Government officials in Washington and possibly selected for insertion into the Congressional Record, news reports and/or other media accessible to the public.

If you wish to share your personal experience concerning banking or taxes with ACA, please fill out and send this form. Information that you provide here will only be used as per your instructions below.

 1 - Please use my personal story, but only in an anonymous manner.
 2 - Please use my personal story, but include only my first name.
 3 - Please use my personal story, including my complete name and geographical location.
 4 - Please use my personal story, and include all information provided, without limitation; in addition, I would be willing to consider providing written or oral testimony directly to any Congressional Committee holding hearings on this subject.
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Waiver and Indemnity.
I hereby instruct and authorize ACA to distribute all details of my Personal Statement to such news and governmental organizations as ACA may deem appropriate, within the limits of the stated privacy level I have indicated. I expressly waive all claims and rights I may have in relation to the confidential nature of the details in the Personal Statement, and agree to fully indemnify ACA against all liabilities, expenses and claims which may arise as a result of such distribution. Swiss law applies and the Canton of Geneva is the sole forum for the resolution of any disputes related to this authorization.

Last Updated November 19, 2012