Press/Media & Events

ACA, Inc. is frequently called on for on-air media interviews and is quoted in leading publications such as The Hill, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and other media outlets.

ACA, Inc. maintains an on-line library of recent articles where it has been quoted or where issues of importance to our constituents have appeared in the media. Giving our constituents the most recent information published by a wide range of professionals, in government, academia, and private industry keeps our members updated and informed. More news items concerning FATCA and other US tax problems are here.

ACA, Inc. also holdsĀ events, primarily Town Hall Meetings where information on recent legislation, regulations and valuable information for Americans living overseas is presented. ACA has held Town Halls throughout Switzerland, in London and is now scheduling Town Hall Meetings in Canada and Switzerland.

ACA, Inc. issues a monthly newsletter, the ACA News Update. The News Update is a valuable source of information for our constituents, the media and Congress, letting them know the latest news on issues concerning overseas Americans.

Last Updated April 11, 2014