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US tax legislation is complicated, burdensome, unfair and makes Americans uncompetitive


US legislation is resulting in denial of financial services to Americans residing overseas


All Americans should have the right to transmit US citizenship to their children

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Filing Your Taxes

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ACA in Washington

ACA, Inc. announces the recipient of the 2015 Thomas Jefferson Award

ACA, Inc. announced Ambassador Michele Thoren Bond as the recipient of the 2015 Thomas Jefferson Award for outstanding service by a State Department employee to Americans abroad.  Read more...


Caucus members support FATCA "Same Country Exemption"

The Americans Abroad Caucus Co-Chairs Carolyn Maloney and Mich Mulvaney are urging their colleagues in the House to support a "Same Country Exemption" rule to alleviate problems that FATCA has caused for Americans residing overseas. Read more...

Filing your Taxes

IRS video presentations for taxpayers abroad

With the June 15, 2015, filing deadline for Americans abroad fast approaching, the Internal Revenue Service has launched five new online videos and expanding other online resources designed to help taxpayers, especially those living abroad, meet their US tax obligations. Read more...


American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation Seeks Views on Tax Laws

ACA's sister organization, American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation (ACAGF) in cooperation with the faculty of the University of Nevada, Reno's College of Business have announced a research project to study the effects of FATCA on American citizens living abroad.  Read more...

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Survey results

Results from the Greenback Expat Tax Services Survey

Over 1800 US expats took part in a recent Greenback Expat Tax Services survey conducted in cooperation with American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation.

Among the results, 86% of respondents don't feel well-represented by the US government and may use their voice through voting to advocate change, 15% didn't know how to vote while living abroad, and 9% didn't feel their vote would make a difference.   Read more...

More survey results here.


ACA continues advancing its advocacy work for Residence-based taxation (RBT)

Following up on the Senate Finance Committee’s request for tax reform submissions, ACA continues advancing its advocacy work for Residence-based taxation (RBT) by making its recent submission. ACA submitted its proposal in April 2015 for a workable platform for Residence-based taxation with renewed thinking and updated data and statistics. See this document (April 2015).


Revised FATCA Reporting Requirements

US taxpayers both in the US and abroad should be aware of the latest foreign bank account reporting requirements which are now in effect.   Read more....

Afffordable Care Act

Another New Tax Form for Americans Abroad

The Affordable Care Act now requires all Americans to have "essential coverage" for health care insurance.  US citizens living overseas, subject to US income tax, can be exempted from the "essential coverage" provision if they satisfy certain requirements. Read more...     

Investment Planning

Why are overseas Americans barred from buying US Mutual Funds?

For once it’s not US tax policy. ACA Executive Committee and Board member, Jonathan Lachowitz explains why the landscape has changed for Americans overseas with US based mutual fund accounts.  Read more...

ACA Video


ACA has released a short (90 seconds) educational video on FATCA highlighting how the legislation is affecting Americans legitimately living and working overseas.  ACA encourages all members and supporters to write to their representatives in Congress and educate them on FATCA.  Please let others know about FATCA by sharing the ACA video.

Other Updates

New IRS Streamlined Procedure adopts ACA's Suggestions and Recommendations

The IRS has listened to ACA, the Taxpayer Advocate and tax professionals and included our suggestions and recommendations in their new Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures program (SFOP).  The program emphasizes simplicity over complexity and allows individuals to come into compliance without being subject to typical tax penalties (failure-to-file, failure-to-pay, accuracy-related, etc.).  This is a great step forward and shows that the IRS is aware that the community of Americans overseas are not criminal tax evaders.  This is in great part due to ACA’s efforts in Washington, DC, the Voice of Americans Overseas working to bring about positive change for Americans overseas.  See the link to our June 23, 2014, press release here .