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US tax legislation is complicated, burdensome, unfair and makes Americans uncompetitive


US legislation is resulting in denial of financial services to Americans residing overseas


All Americans should have the right to transmit US citizenship to their children

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ACA Global Foundation Survey on effects of FATCA

The ACA Global Foundation has issued results from its December 2015 survey, done in conjunction with the University of Nevada Reno (UNR), on the consequences of FATCA for Americans living overseas.  Survey results indicate that Americans overseas will be an important voting block in the upcoming Presidential elections.  Read more...


Sen. Kaine's letter to Treasury

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) has written (December 2015) to the Secretary of the Treasury looking for answers on how Treasury is dealing with the growing problem of Foreign Financial Institution lock-out of US citizen clients.  ACA is in contact with Senator Kaine’s offices to educate them on ACA’s solution to lock-out through adoption of Same Country Exemption.  Read more...

ACA in Washington

ACA Urged Congress to Reject Tax Collection Provisions Tied to Passports

The Conference Committee on the Drive Act (H.R. 22 the "Highway Bill") acted on this legislation in December 2015. There are provisions in the bill that can be extremely harmful to Americans residing abroad.  ACA asked that the Republican and Democratic Conferees join in striking these provisions. Read more...

ACA in Washington

ACA writes to Congress about Passport Revocation

ACA has written to Congress (November 2015) to strongly oppose the inclusion of the Passport Revocation Provision in current legislation.   Read more...


"Same Country Exemption" put forward to Treasury

On September 15, 2015, several Americans Abroad Caucus members put forward the "Same Country Exemption" for FATCA reporting in a letter to the Secretary of the Treasury and the IRS Commissioner. Read more...

Tax Advocate

Overseas filers issues highlighted in Advocate's report

ACA applauds the Taxpayer Advocate (TAS) for continuing to highlight the issues and concerns for overseas filers, especially concerning FATCA legislation and its effects on honest taxpayers. TAS continues to advocate for increased services for overseas filers. ACA has worked to bring the issues of overseas Americans to the attention of TAS and we are pleased to see that the concerns ACA has raised and the proposed solutions are being supported by TAS. Read more...

Americans Abroad Caucus

Government Commission Proposed to Study Effects on Americans Overseas

From voting rights to financial reporting, the almost eight million Americans who live overseas are often adversely impacted by federal policies that fail to consider their unique circumstances. That has Reps. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) and Mike Honda (D-CA), of the Americans Abroad Caucus, concerned. The pair today introduced new legislation to establish a commission that would study the variety of ways federal policy fails those living outside the 50 states. Read more...


Senate Finance Committee Bipartisan Tax Working Group Report

The Senate Finance Committee recently issued its Bipartisan Tax Working Group Report (July 8, 2015). The report offers very little in the way of specific recommendations on tax reform, either domestic or international. Essentially the report puts into review the current tax code and highlights areas for focus and attention and also highlights areas where potential reforms could be made.  In keeping with this presentation strategy, tax treatment of Americans overseas is called out in several places in the report. Read more...

Tax filing

Delinquent FBAR and Tax Filing Penalties

Recent media articles surrounding penalty assessments for deliquent FBAR and tax filings have caused confustion over the various IRS programs in place for indiduals who need to become compliant with FBARs.  Read more...


ACA continues advancing its advocacy work for Residence-based taxation (RBT)

Following up on the Senate Finance Committee’s request for tax reform submissions, ACA continues advancing its advocacy work for Residence-based taxation (RBT) by making its recent submission. ACA submitted its proposal in April 2015 for a workable platform for Residence-based taxation with renewed thinking and updated data and statistics. See this document (April 2015).


Revised FATCA Reporting Requirements

US taxpayers both in the US and abroad should be aware of the latest foreign bank account reporting requirements which are now in effect.   Read more....

Afffordable Care Act

Another New Tax Form for Americans Abroad

The Affordable Care Act now requires all Americans to have "essential coverage" for health care insurance.  US citizens living overseas, subject to US income tax, can be exempted from the "essential coverage" provision if they satisfy certain requirements. Read more...     

Investment Planning

Why are overseas Americans barred from buying US Mutual Funds?

For once it’s not US tax policy. ACA Executive Committee and Board member, Jonathan Lachowitz explains why the landscape has changed for Americans overseas with US based mutual fund accounts.  Read more...